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PTBO Game Jam 02

Local Involvement

PTBO Game Jam

A bi-annual not-for-profit event organized by Matthew, with the support of our team. It is a gathering of people from all walks of life; from seasoned game developers and students just entering the industry, to hobbyists and enthusiasts all eager to engage and see what they can produce in a short timeframe.

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PTBO Game Dev

A monthly meetup for everyone and anyone focused on "game dev" in Peterborough and the surrounding areas to meet and talk shop. Organized by Matthew, with the support of our team, this outlet continues to grow the local tech community while exposing and educating those interested in #gamedev.

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Hold my beer! Matthew started writing a blog.

Matthew + Blog = Win

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PTBO Game Jam 02

Academic Integrity


After years of being industry advocates in the post-secondary education space, we realized that educators needed more than just our advice. We developed a toolset to assist educators with upholding academic integrity at an accessible price. Galileo was created with educators in mind, and is part of our overall community improvement initiatives.

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